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Buns of Steel Bootcamp on the Danforth is Toronto’s most exciting community based fitness class program

Buns of Steel Boot Camp is the fastest, easiest and most exhilarating way to kick start your healthiest lifestyle AND feel your best ever.

At Buns of Steel, we are not just a routine boot camp. We are your complete holistic package offering one-on-one coaching, nutritional counselling and our knowledge of the most rewarding, original fitness techniques. We are committed to bringing our combined years of wellness experience to your community.


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Boot camp classes are replacing the impersonal, intimidating gym environment with a fun, supportive, energetic and effective atmosphere. We’re sure that our work outs are RIGHT for you! Our clients get killer results day after day, class after class. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you decide to make the change and join Buns of Steel Boot Camp.

Community: Become part of our supportive network. Make friends, support and inspire each other and get results together!

Customized workouts for your ability: Our work out routines are suitable for any age and fitness level. Whether you are an athlete or a complete beginner our workouts are scalable for your ability. Buns of Steel will help you to tone and shape your entire body.

Advanced Technology and Progress Tracking: Buns of Steel uses a state of the art body fat percentage measuring machining called a BodyMetrix. We conduct one on one fitness assessment and body measurements to keep track of your results and progress. These are totally optional but included in your membership for free.

Friendly, Nurturing, Safe, Caring: Forget the cold, corporate feeling of a gym, our instructors are hand picked to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable while working out. Our number ONE priority is to make sure you are being looked after, working out safely and injury free, and that you are feeling welcome and part of the team!

Fun and Exciting: We are always having a laugh, we take our workouts seriously, but having a good time at the same time is just as important!



In 2008 I left Australia searching for adventure and some excitement. My feet landed in Toronto and have been firmly placed here ever since. With my extensive education and background in fitness and experience as a Personal Trainer back home I was quickly picked up as an instructor by Buns of Steel Boot Camp and as a personal trainer at Yonge Street Fitness. At YSFC I worked my way up to Head Trainer, Group X Class Manager and Functional Training Director. In 2012 I started Southern Cross Fitness, my own personal training business, allowing me to provide a better service to my clients and work on taking over Buns Of Steel as Owner. Heading up Buns of Steel, I bring every bit of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in the Australian and Canadian fitness industry towards creating a unique boot camp in your community.


7 weekly boot camps classes, 3 days a week each different and unique. From Strength Training to Core-dio, to HIIT Circuits, we are the first boot camp to provide you with a complete array of fitness classes. Allowing you to never be bored, and making you look forward to your next workout! Try to attend 2-3 classes a week for optimal results.


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