In 2008 I left Australia searching for adventure and some excitement. My feet landed in Toronto and have been firmly placed here ever since. With my extensive education in fitness and experience as a Personal Trainer back home I was quickly picked up as an instructor by Buns of Steel Boot Camp and as a personal trainer at Yonge Street Fitness. At YSFC I worked my way up to Head Trainer, Group X Class Manager and Functional Training Program Director. In 2012 I started Southern Cross Fitness, my own personal training business, allowing me to focus on my clients better and giving me more time to prepare for my takeover of BOS. Heading up Buns of Steel, I bring every bit of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in the Australian and Canadian fitness industry towards creating a unique boot camp in your community.


‘Its easy making exercise hard, its hard making exercise easy!” This is the motto I work with when you come and take my class. My classes are always different, unique, hard, challenging, satisfying, sweaty, possible to complete, have a clear goal, safe, caring, full of laughter, look easy (easier than they are), and most of all FUN! No yelling, no pressure, just motivating and guidance to push yourself to achieve things you didn’t think possible. Go at YOUR own pace, to get the workout you want! Circuits, weight lifting, cardio, games, core, these classes have it all!! Come join me for TDU (Thunder from Down Under) on Mondays and Fridays at 6pm & Saturday Sweat at 10am!






Sean arrived in Toronto from England in summer of 2013. He was quickly hired by a large down town Toronto gym, for his positive attitude and experience in leading and training people. He has been a Personal Trainer now for over two years after qualifying with Premier Training International. Before becoming a Trainer Sean had been coaching Football for a number of years, helping to take a under performing team to go on and become league winners. As well as Football he has also coached tennis and basketball whilst still managing to compete at provincial level. With the knowledge Sean has gained from being a player, a coach and a Personal Trainer he has the ability to tailor a challenging workout for anyone.


In my classes you will be working out head to toe, using everything from Kettle-bells to just a yoga mat. You can expect a great cardio workout as well as using all of your muscles and probably some you didn’t know you had. Things such as quick circuits working a different muscle every time, to a ten-minute abs blast. Anyone can come a give it a go, you can push yourself as hard as you like. Everyone will be involved, it’s a team effort. My aim is simple; if you’re having a good time (and a good workout) then I’m having a good time. UK Circuits on Wednesday at 6:00 pm & Saturday Sweat at 10am, I hope to see you there.






Emily has always felt passionate about the human body and how it moves. That passion has translated into a very broad fitness career since 2008. Emily holds a degree in Exercise Physiology, certifications from NASM and ACE as well as specializations too numerous to count (including, but not limited to: TRX, Kettlebells, Kick Boxing and Spinning). In her spare time, Emily is just as fitness obsessed; training for marathons, triathlons, and every race in between. No stranger to personal physical struggle, Emily lost 100lbs almost 10 years ago, and has been using her personal experience to help change the lives of others ever since.


Fully expect the unexpected. Traditional strength exercises, combined with wild and crazy cardio, will ensure your heart gets pumping almost without you even realizing it. Emily’s forte lies in functional training, that is always fun, and for all fitness abilities. You may crawl, pull, push, run, jump, crawl (did I already say crawl? I really like crawling.) and that’s just in one class. It’s something different every single week!





Justine Keyserlingk is a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist. She has also taught spinning and bootcamp style classes for many years.. starting off in her native city of Montreal.. Oui, elle est Quebecoise! Justine received a Bachelor of Education majoring in Phys. Ed. from McGill University; after which she taught Physical Education for several years and coached sports teams of all age groups. Believing optimal health that is the combination of proper exercise and a healthy diet she then completed studies as a nutritionist at the Toronto Institute of Holistic Nutrition before moving from Montreal to start her business Just Get Fit. Justine played tennis, ran and cycled competitively throughout her youth and was assistant captain for her University Varsity hockey team, winning the bronze medal at the national championships. This in depth range of education and work experience has helped her tremendously grow as a teacher, coach, consultant, and communicator. Justine is on a mission to get people to stop waiting and just start getting fit!


Join me for our morning bootcamp where we work a series of exercises in a circuit fashion, covering all muscle groups. We use either our own body weight to get our heart rates up, or with the help of equipment. After an hour you’ll have made your body stronger and have had a great cardiovascular workout at the same time as we will move from one exercise to the next with minimal break. We’ll cover upper body, lower body, and of course core work is always of primary importance as our core is what allows us to move efficiently through any movement pattern. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and ages and everyone gets to work at a intensity rate that is tailored to your specific fitness level. Expect to work hard but at the end feel satisfied you’ll have achieved an amazing workout!





Frederic Aubin is a Fitness Instructor, Spin Instructor and a Personal Trainer. He has always been active, participating in martial arts, tennis and biking. Fred grew up in Quebec, where he worked and volunteered for non-profits. In 2010, life brought him to Toronto, and he wanted to continue working in a field where he could help others. After hearing a speech by Robert Cheeke, Fred realize that becoming a fitness instructor would allow him to realize that goal. His aim as a Fitness Instructor is to make you appreciate exercising. He will help you achieve your goals and make sure you have fun working out!