What is Buns of Steel Boot Camp? Buns of Steel Boot Camp is a community based fitness program designed to incorporate all aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle! Each class is designed to get you moving, get you sweating, get your fat burning, your muscles stronger, all while having a amazing time! Where else can you go where exercise is this much fun?



Here is what is included in the Buns Of Steel Boot Camp:


6 weekly boot camps classes, each different and unique, located conveniently on the Danforth. Each class is one hour of laughs, sweats and satisfaction! Exercises are tailored specifically to your own fitness level and ability. There is no class you CAN NOT do! Try to attend 2-5 classes a week for optimal results.



We have a on staff Holistic Nutritionist, and we regularly hold nutrition seminars including in our program for free! Let us know your personal goals and we can guide you in the right direction with meal suggestions, healthy snack ideas and answer any other questions you made have.



Get the same attention and care you would get from a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost. This is not your typical fitness class program where you turn up, do class, then leave. Here at BOS are being watched, looked after, followed up on, all personally by me! When you join you get a Introduction Private Consultation – pictures, measurement, body fat composition, goal organisation.

Every six weeks you get an Accountability Consultation. My private email address and phone number. Call me any time with questions. I do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.



Our members are the friendliest, most helpful people you will find. Together we all support each other! Don’t feel like coming to class? Just jump on the Facebook Page and let us know, and within minutes another member will be encouraging you to come! We often hold events like movies nights, Pot-Luck, charity events etc





The Best, Most Intense, Fun Workouts EVER

Why do anything not worth doing? Allow our infectious energy to take over and give YOU the best damn workouts ever (sounds strange but you’ll actually start LOOKING FORWARD to working out for a change!)

Community Support


You will be joining an elite group of like-minded individuals who share the same intense desire for a BETTER them. We as a group will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is absolutely CRITICAL in making CONSISTENT progress (unlike most gym-goers who stop and start all too frequently- we’re here to prevent that!)

Push you when you need it


Everybody has off days, days when we just aren’t feeling 100%, even the best of us. But NOT any more, we’re here to lift the spirits, motivate you and give you that kick in the BUTT (the BUNS OF STEEL BUTT!) when you need it.

Unstoppable Motivation


Every instructor will motivate you every single time you come in for a boot camp so reaching your fitness goals will be EASY (Usually it is this lack of external motivation that makes it EXTREMELY difficult for the majority of people to get into shape).


All you have to do is show up to the workout and let us give you the most fat-melting, muscle-toning bootcamp you have ever experienced! Finally, fat loss made easy!


Safety is paramount and I will show you PROPER FORM and TECHNIQUE, so say goodbye to old injuries and hello to a fitter, more functional you.

Individual Accountability

We’ll MAKE SURE you show up to your boot camp workouts, which, when coupled with smart food choices, makes getting in shape inevitable (we seriously call if you miss an appointment).




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